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Letter to the Editor submission guidelines

Area residents who wish to comment on a current event or publicly write on an area of common concern, are welcome to write a "Letter to the Editor." However, before the pen or pencil is picked up, please note the following guidelines must be met before they are considered for publication in a Saturday edition:

~ Letters must be 500 words or less.

~ Letters may be edited for length, grammar, spelling, clarity, good taste and libel. Factual accuracy and a civil tone are expected.

~ Letters may be checked to verify information contained within. If there is any dispute about accuracy, letters may be edited or refused.

~ Letters must be signed and contain the name, address and daytime telephone number of the author for verification. Only names will be published. Unsigned letters or letters without complete information will not be considered.

~ Letters will generally be printed in the order in which they are received - however, until they have been verified, they are not considered received.

~ Letters must focus on issues of general concern, not on personalities or personal issues. The Daily Herald will not print any letters that involve conflicts between individuals or individuals and businesses.

~ Regular contributors should submit letters on varied subjects. Letters by the same author that reiterate opinions on the same topic may not be published.

~ Letters must be submitted by Thursday, before 5 p.m. to be considered for Saturday's edition.

Mail letters to: Editor, PO Box 246, Tyrone, Pa. 16686.
Fax letters to 814-684-4238.
Letters will not be accepted via email.
Opinions expressed in letters to the editor and in guest columns are not necessarily those of The Daily Herald, its officers, management or staff.


News Story and/or Photo Submission

Drop off at The Daily Herald office or
e-mail photos to

Photos must be:
- At Least 300dpi
- Med / High Compression
- Head Shots at least 2" wide
- Group Shot at least 8" wide
- Must identify ALL people in the photo from left to right by first and last name.
- Must have a description of what is happening in the photo and where it is taking place
- Must have YOUR contact information in e-mail so that we can contact you with questions.
If you do not have your contact information, we have the right to not publish the photo.